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Ombrella is a full-service advertising, media and marketing agency. Founded in 2010, our firm is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario with operations throughout Canada and the United States. Together, our team delivers an array of custom-developed business solutions that drive growth for our clients’ unique brands.

Who We Are
A think tank of strategists, scientists, mathematicians and artists.

Our team is a group of dynamic people who get excited about big questions, unsolved problems and being at the forefront of business intelligence. We collaborate to form a think tank that personifies powerful strategies and unique ideas.

What We Do
We offer the difference between a great idea and a truly breathtaking one.

We design attraction. Ombrella creates magic between our clients and their target markets via strategic marketing, creative advertising, and integrated attraction models that drive customer acquisition, build healthy revenue streams, and optimize return on investment.

How We Do It
A massive amount of experience, expertise, and of course, heart.

Our professionals combine unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across all channels and industries, and extensive research on the world’s most successful organizations to assist our clients in becoming high-performance, innovative businesses.

Ombrella is a marketing agency with operations in Canada and the United States
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  • A Real Team of Professionals
    Not some dude in his mother's basement!

    90%+ of the marketing businesses and people out there are not subject matter experts. We are. The Ombrella team is made up of dedicated professionals who demonstrate expertise in all that they do. Every member of our team is here, in Canada and in America and nothing is ever outsourced.

  • No Tunnel Vision
    20/20 full-service no niche nonsense.

    Every bit and piece of marketing is connected to one another. This is why “niche” firms never do a client justice. You cannot build a money generating machine unless all the parts are expertly crafted. Ombrella specializes in the development and deployment of these parts. And the machines we build, run better than all others.

  • Your Business, is Our Business
    We partner with our clients for success.

    The marketing, advertising, and media of your business is it’s image, it’s personality. How your company looks, performs, what it says and how it delivers is what makes it successful or not. There is no doubt how important these are to your business success. We partner with our clients and deliver a level of quality in all that we do as if your business was our own.

  • #Winning
    Cause winning isn't everything, it's the only thing!

    People say some things can’t be done. Others say it’s impossible. But at Ombrella, we never lose hope. Our firm is built on a foundation that winning can and always will be achieved. Just because they couldn’t do it, doesn’t mean we can’t. We make our clients competition, irrelevant.

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Seeking new life
and new personalities

Our culture is unique, whether you work in our offices, or from home, you will be part of something that will make a positive difference in your life. We are always on the lookout for new talent and interesting minds. From marketing strategists, to programmers, designers and management, we’re hiring. Please note, that we ONLY hire candidates within Canada and the United States. We do offer some opportunities for international applicants in the area of artistic development, for exceptionally impressive creative talent.

Interested candidates should submit their cover letter, resume, and portfolio if applicable in confidence via e-mail to [email protected] or apply directly on our contact us page using the “submit a resume” form. Please do not call our offices inquiring about positions. We thank all applicants for their interest in Ombrella, but only those under consideration will be contacted.

Businesses Helped
Global conglomerates, national brands, small companies & startups!
Average ROI
Our clients average a 10x return on investment by partnering with Ombrella.
Cups of Coffee
Burning the midnight oil, figuring out how to take over the world.
Industries Served
Throughout Canada, the United States of America and Internationally.

Ombrella delivers full-service marketing solutions to clients on a project, campaign and marketing outsourced basis. View a full list of the marketing services we offer.

We work with global brands, national companies, small businesses, and startups across over two dozen industries. Learn more about the company we keep.

Ombrella offers free, no-obligation consultations and proposals. Find out how we would deliver a winning marketing solution to achieve your goals, contact us today.