Building healthy revenue streams

We design attraction between our clients brand & their target audiences.

At Ombrella, our marketing experts combine unparalleled expertise and cross-channel fluency with a deep understanding of how to create attraction. Our deliverables provide a powerful perspective on what it takes to manufacture attraction, encourage transactional experiences, and fashion the foundation of mutually beneficial relationships between businesses and consumers.

Our solutions achieve success utilizing proven, competitive strategy, creativity, ongoing optimization and analysis.

Every client initiative is developed utilizing this formula:

  • Strategy
    We utilize a holistic, grass roots approach that enables our clients to leverage the truly valuable characteristics of their unique business. Our team builds a strategic plan on factual data, proven insights and seasoned marketing expertise. Learn more

  • Creativity
    A unique, succussful business needs unique and compelling creativity. We make our clients companies positively stand out and attract more attention. Our team designs creative ways to intercept and appeal to audiences, while ensuring brand continuity and delivering a stunning solution. Learn more

  • Optimization
    Business intelligence represents an important role in the optimization process. By thoroughly understanding the metrics of every single thing that can be measured, we are able to harness this data to deliver improved, superior strategies. Learn more


Unique Approach
We begin with a holistic, grass roots approach that leverages the truly valuable characteristics of your unique business.

Factual Development
To truly reach your audience, you must first understand them. Strategy conceptualization is built on factual present day best practices, innovated around your unique business and engineered to attract your target market.

Innovative, Goal-Focused Design
Developed by a team with expertise across channels and industries, we create innovative strategies for your business that make your brand stand out, inspire emotional responses from your audiences and drive acquisition.

Strategic marketing is the primal factor in developing ongoing, healthy revenue streams for your company.


Induce Attraction
We approach marketing with a 360-degree view and the intentions of inducing lasting bonds. By knowing where your audience is headed and how we can meet them there, insights become opportunities, opportunities become ideas, and ideas are engineered into reality.

Compel Awareness
Ombrella generates ideas that connect, create and fuel conversations. We create interest around an idea. Consumption patterns have moved beyond passivity to engagement. They have shifted in this technological world and what makes them respond, is an idea that is smart, useful and entertaining, or simply, beautiful. Maybe even all of those.

Winning Ideas
Inspired by consumer research, our seasoned professionals do some deep analysis on every project. We mine the research until we uncover the key insight that leads to the best idea for telling your story the right way, to the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

Stand out from the competition with creative marketing services that demand attention from your target audiences.


Analyze & Measure
To ensure effectiveness, we test, target and measure the work. By analyzing human behavior, conversation and feedback, your products and services can better meet your consumer’s needs. Amplify the positive and correct the negative.

Assets & Insights
Our team is always looking for new ways to turn data into opportunity – and, by opportunity, we mean ROI. We go beyond traditional analytics, providing detailed insight across all of your paid, earned and owned media to tell you what’s working, what’s not and how to improve.

High Performance Business Intelligence
Big data can spell big opportunity, which we help clients leverage – ensuring new opportunities and more profitable marketing to outperform the competition. Your fiercest competitors will see how you express your brand and wonder how you won people over. They’ll try to be like you. But we both know you’ll always have the upper hand.

Ongoing marketing optimization of your company can lead to increased revenues.